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Our mission is to honor the great legacy Deshaun Hill Jr built by raising awareness around issues in North Minneapolis and creating opportunities for children like him to succeed.



Deshaun Lamarr Hill Jr. was born on March 13th, 2006, in Minneapolis, MN. From the time he was born, Deshaun showed an athletic prowess that would eventually see him win numerous trophies and awards in football, basketball & baseball. An honor roll student and talented athlete, Deshaun would spark a light in youth across Minneapolis to strive for excellence.


On February 9th, 2022, Deshaun left school early with friends to attend a protest. Tragically, Deshaun was senselessly murdered in broad daylight on his way to a bus stop. Deshaun was not involved in any activity or trouble that would lead to any 

altercation, let alone such a brazen attack. Family, 

teachers & friends describe Deshaun as a "perfect kid." 


In the aftermath of Deshaun's call to heaven, his family started the Deshaun Hill Jr Memorial Foundation. As a nonprofit organization, the family along with community strive to create a stronger, safer & more resilient North Minneapolis, the community Deshaun gave his all to.  



Serving the North Minneapolis community, we strive to provide opportunities for youth, create healing spaces for those victimized by gun violence, and shape the city into the safe and prosperous village it should be.

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